Dynamic, sensual, passionate.

Women are by nature one step ahead. And as always, at every step they take they can count on a special ally: Golden Lady, the female fashion brand which is, and always was, a point of reference for women all over the world. Conceived in order to offer style, quality and comfort, Golden Lady has always been the Great Friend for every day and every occasion.

Golden Lady is always there to enhance women’s sensuality and femininity, without ever forgetting quality. We believe in research and we are constantly looking for new yarns and new technologies, shaping style in new, trendy ways. This innovative spirit, constantly monitoring the evolution of the market and of consumers’ tastes, has helped us become the undisputed leaders of the hosiery market.

A constant growth, with higher and higher targets. Yet there’s one thing that never changes in Golden Lady: we are always close to women, by providing innovative, trendy –but at the same time affordable – products.

Golden Lady wants to continue expressing a unique style by presenting a strongly personal, recognizable image, immediately noticeable and increasingly able to convey the modern, feminine spirit which has always been Golden Lady’s trademark.

Il Brand - Golden Lady